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Guroo Farms
is located in the Tarai area of Uttranchal, which is one of the most fertile belts in India. Tarai, which is the Indo-Gangetic sedimentary plain, in the foot-hills of Himalayas, enjoys sub-equatorial, continental- monsoonal type of climate, with hot summers and cold winters. As a horticultural entity, Guroo Farms came into being in 2005, for cultivation of lemongrass and production of lemongrass oil. Its creation has been preceded by 3 generations of agriculture in Tarai. It was Captain Jagjit Singh, who set foot in Tarai way back in 1947-50, and it is thanks to his vision, that we, as his decendents, have been successful, in diversifying into alternative crops and processing, on land resource that was created by him.

Diversification, value-addition and direct-marketing have been need-based endeavours, with an aim to increase our income, per unit area. Our strategic affiliations and partnerships have resulted in a large area-base, resulting in a bigger product range, along with bulk quantities.

Organic Certification is as a result of our philosophy to undertake agriculture in an enviornmentally-friendly way. Our products have been produced without the use of harmful acaricides and pesticides etc.
For details on standards of certification, see our "links" section.

Amongst our products we also have organic essential Oils, primarily mentha, lemongrass and citronella.
Organic Essential Oils are specially suited for delicate applications like aromatherapy, spa's, baths, candles etc.