Our Products include

Essential Oils of Cymbopogons and Mints.
Some very unique varieties are grown to produce very unique Essential Oils. With our 25 years of research we have been able to map the micro-environment against the Fragrant Notes and GCMS, thanks to the constant feed-backs from Aromatherapists around the world. Thus the uniqueness of our essential oils is partly due to the geno-type, but more importantly, due to the unique skill set and knowledge base that we have learnt (and still learning!!!). Thus each oil is best grown in a very unique geographical belt, and harvested under some very specific conditions to produce the so called therapeutic grade essential oils.

Our Iron Bamboo Products include
Escrima Sticks, Anis or Kali Sticks, which are Filipino Martial Arts Weapons
Iron bamboo Hiking and Trekking Poles
Iron Bamboo Walking Sticks

Our Bamboo Species

Balcooa- Thick walled, Large Bamboos for construction and other handicrafts

The term “Iron Bamboo” is used for almost solid/thick walled bamboo, derived from rare species like Oliverii, Stocksii etc. As the name suggests, this bamboo has IRON LIKE STRENGTH.

Further, bamboo, as a material, has longer fiber than any hardwood, its elastic and does not break easily, when bent. This is unique to bamboo, due to its longitudinal fiber orientation.

Thus, for walking sticks, canes and even construction, bamboo is an excellent raw material.-

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