Vetiver Systems for River Protection

Vetiver Systems for River Protection

Vetiver Systems is a term used to describe a study report on the multifunctional Vetiver Plant, along with its multi faceted applications.

My association with vetiver started because of a river side parcel of land, prone to erosion.
I have recently acquired some elite lines from AMPRS…which I am multiplying….
It is one of those unique plants with WIRE LIKE ROOTS, that go upto 3 m deep, hence ideal for soil stabilization and anchoring works.

Vetiver root system is associated with some unique micro- flora and micro-fauna which enables it to naturally de-contaminate any soil systems. In many countries, degraded soils are being rehabilitated with VETIVER PLANTING STSTEMS.

Not to mention, its value in the aroma trade, for the OIL, extracted from ROOTS, by steam distillation.

Oil of Vetiver has many pharmaceutical, aroma-therapeutic uses. It is widely used as a fixation in the perfumery. Many Attars are distilled on Vetiver (base).

The original article, which initiated me to consider vetiver for stabilization /river protection of my river-side land, is linked below.
It is an exhaustive manual, called VETIVER SYSTEMS.

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